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Holiday BOGO Gift Cards - 2021

Holiday BOGO Gift Cards - 2021

It's that wonderful time of year when joy is in the air and everyone is stressed about finding the right gifts for people. Well, guess what? A gift card for professional knife sharpening without ever leaving home is the PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!

Between now and 12/24 at Midnight, when you buy one gift card, you get a second gift card of equal or lesser value for FREE. 

Worried about running out of time? Have no fear, my friends. Our gift cards are delivered by email and can be printed.

Hit everyone on your list with this rad deal, get one for yourself and one for a friend or scrooge everybody and keep them both for yourself. After the holiday season all knives will need a spa day and your recipients will thank you. Trust me. 

So hurry to our website, put two separate gift cards in your cart and use the code:  BOGOGC

Until next time,

Knifey Wifey

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