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The Process


No Hassle Knife Shipping

Once your order is complete, your kit will be sent to you within 24 hours. It will have everything needed for shipping, including loaner knives if you choose that option. Our custom made sheaths and mailers are designed to keep you, your knives, and the postal service safe every step of the way. The box has been designed to hold up for multiple trips with the same customers and is recyclable, to reduce waste.

The Sharpening Process

The Sharpening Process

Our shop has multiple pieces of equipment, ensuring we have the right tools to protect your knives. We use low-speed water stones which are much safer for your knives than traditional belts and grinders. The slower movement, combined with water cooling, prevents the blade from heating up, which can affect the temper of your metal. We also use manual water stones. Both options remove the minimal amount of metal to enhance the tool's longevity. Your knives will go on our equipment using specially built jigs, which guarantees the proper angle, as determined by the manufacturer's recommendation.

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