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How Long Does Knife Sharpening Last?

How Long Does Knife Sharpening Last?

Some people sharpen their knives at home, but if you really want a knife to stay in good shape for as long as possible, you'll want to have it professionally sharpened. How often should you have to do that? Well, that can depend on several factors. The quality of your knife, how much use it sees, and what kinds of foods it's typically used to cut all matter when it comes to how quickly a knife loses its edge.

You also need to take into account whether you're honing your knife frequently. If you hone your knife after every use, or every few uses, you can generally keep the blade sharper for a longer period of time. That can help you reduce how often you need your knife professionally sharpened.

Typically, for knives that see normal household use, you'll want to have a professional sharpening a few times per year. Anywhere from once per year to two or three times per year is pretty normal, based on the factors mentioned above: quality, types of foods cut, and frequency of use.

If you use your knife a lot and are very comfortable with it, you can probably get a good idea of when it's starting to get dull and may need sharpening again. It simply won't cut like it used to, and honing it won't solve the problem. Honing doesn't sharpen a dull knife, but it can help an already sharp knife feel a little sharper. Just be careful not to over hone your knife, as that can also cause problems.

Since honing isn't actually sharpening the blade, you'll want to take your knife in for sharpening when the blade starts to feel dull, or when it's not giving you the performance you expect from it. As you get more comfortable with your preferred knife, knowing when it's time for sharpening again will become easier, and you'll get into a schedule that keeps your knife sharp and ready.

If you are looking for effortless and dependable professional knife sharpening that never leaves you empty handed, contact us today!

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