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Serious Eats Reviews: The Best Knife Sharpening Services to Get Your Blades in Tip-Top Shape

Serious Eats Reviews: The Best Knife Sharpening Services to Get Your Blades in Tip-Top Shape

Recently, Serious Eats reviewed the best knife sharpening services "for those who find a whetstone a little intimidating". 

Mail-in knife sharpening is a quick and easy way to keep your prep time down, your fingers safe and your life moving. We were thrilled to be included in their review!

"The idea for Knife Flight came to Jess and Kyle Miller at the start of the pandemic. The former restaurant owners saw that people were cooking more and, therefore, wearing down their knives more quickly. Everyone was stepping out less, which meant they were most definitely not bringing their knives to a local store for sharpening. 

Rates for Knife Flight start at $57 for four or fewer knives and go up to $157 for 15. They send out a shipping kit within 24 hours of your order time that includes a mailing envelope and adhesive sheaths. Once knives reach them, they’re photographed, sharpened, and mailed out again within a 24-hour time frame.

Unlike other mail-in knife sharpening services, Knife Flight offers loaner knives (for an additional charge), which is a reason why Sandy Liebowitz, a CIA-trained cooking instructor who runs an online knife skills course, recommends it to her students. “They are a family business and get the knives nice and sharp, but the best part is that they send you loaner knives while you wait. I thought that part was genius.”

Until next time,

Knifey Wifey

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