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Fresh spring strawberry cocktail

Yummy Spring Cocktails + Mocktails

I don't know about you, but I love these warm spring evenings. When you're not yet in the full heat of summer and you appreciate the sun on your body even more. On evenings such as these, we love to sit on our patio, sip a beverage and unpack our day. Here are a few cocktails and mocktails that we love: 

Agua de Fresa

Mexican strawberry water is a great mocktail option and a delicious treat. Fresh, in-season strawberries with a little lime zing will leave your mouth in a state of bliss. Here's a quick and easy recipe from Muy Delish. I also enjoy adding some fresh mint to this one. 

Lustre Margarita

If you prefer your drinks without alcohol, but want the flavor and feeling of sipping a cocktail, then you have to try Wilderton. Their N/A botanical spirits are incredible and they just happen to be made in the same town as the Knife Flight shop. If you're in the area, I highly recommend checking out their tasting room and trying the Lustre Margarita. This citrusy and herbaceous spirit pairs perfectly with orange, lime and simple syrup for the perfect N/Argarita.


Mint Julep

Nothing symbolizes porch sipping quite like a traditional mint julep. An oaky bourbon, combined with lots of fresh mint and simple syrup is a dream come true. Fun fact: It's the official beverage of the Kentucky Derby and over the course of the weekend they sell roughly 125,000 of them! Here is an easy recipe from Love and Lemons that will have you saying y'all in no time. Pro tip: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon is great choice for this. 

Mezcal Margarita

This right here, folks, is my summer drink of choice. A very smoky spirit, which name means oven-cooked agave, is heaven in a glass and this recipe from Gimme Some Oven is my go to. This one deserves a cocktail shaker and I HIGHLY recommend that you mix Tajin with salt for the rim. 

Gin + Tonic

Obviously I don't need to provide a recipe for this quintessential sunny day beverage, but what I do want to recommend are high quality ingredients to up your game. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more on a top-notch tonic water. Trust me. As far as gin goes, I really love both Big Gin and St. George Botanivore Gin.

Regardless of what you decide to make, I hope you sip a little slower and soak up the sun. Oh, and make sure your slicing those limes with sharp knives!

Until next time,

Knifey Wifey


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