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Mail-in Cutlery Knife Sharpening Available

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Curious if we can sharpen what you have? See a list here. Still don't see what you're wondering about? Send us a message here.

We sharpen all types of knives including chef's knives, paring knives, kitchen, and pruning shears. We can work on favorite brands such as Messermeister, Wusthof, Global, Mercer, Shun, Forschner, Henkel, Zwilling, Cutco, Ikea, Chicago Cutlery and more.

Please select above how many items you want sharpened and if you'd like loaner knives while you wait.

Our loaner knife set consists of one 8" chef's knife and one 3.5" paring knife.

Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
Could not be happier

I sent in four pocket knives, some of them chipped, some of them dull, some up them sharpened to the wrong angle. These folks fixed them up and have them with an edge better than factory. Genuinely could not be happier. These people know how to run a business, and I’ll definitely be a regular customer. I’m happy to give them my money with the way they run things. Great customer service, great communication, great shipping, and most importantly, great workmanship. A simple but perfect business model. Once again, I’m sold, and will be a regular until I die.


Great service and now my knives are sharp. They even repaired a vintage bone handled carving knife I had sent! I didn’t ask them to they just replaced a missing piece on the end. Thank you so much!!!

Eric OverlandSprinters
Should have sent them in a LONG TIME AGO.

Hands down the best money I've spent in my kitchen in years. Quick, reasonable and super sharp. I have tried a few home shaprening systems. None work as well - and the time an money spent just didin’t had anywhere near as much value as KnifeFlight.

Wow! Sharpest knives ever! So Easy!

This mail in service is outstanding. Exceptionally easy to use and the quality of the work, the best ever. I sent in my kitchen knives, my fishing knives and my boning knives along with some very old LL Bean knives. They all came back better than new, even the old LL Bean Knives. I have severe hand arthritis and it is a pleasure to cut, dice and chop now rather than a chore that was painful. I could not ask for more. Well worth a try.


Great job on my knives. Fast turnaround. Could not be more pleased.

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