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Cake and Fireworks and Sharp Knives, Oh My!

Cake and Fireworks and Sharp Knives, Oh My!

Are you asking yourself why you are reading a post from a knife sharpening company with a photo of a 1970's baby on it? That baby is me, Knifey Wifey, on my first birthday, and tomorrow is my, well, just insert several more decades and we'll call it good. 

I like having a birthday the day before a holiday because it means I get two days in a row of friends and family and fun and laying in the grass by the river watching fireworks and, most importantly, cake. 

Because this all makes me so happy, I want to make you happy! So, between Wednesday, July 3rd and Monday, July 8th, we want to sharpen TWO extra knives for free.

Order 4 and we'll send you sheaths for 6. Order 5 and we'll send you sheaths for 7. Order 6 and we'll send you sheaths for...well, you get the idea!

Valid 7/3 - 7/8
Use Code: 2FREE

Until next time,

Knifey Wifey

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