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Famous Chefs and Their Favorite Chef Knives

Famous Chefs and Their Favorite Chef Knives

Having the right knife can make all the difference when you're working to become a chef. Whether you're focusing on creating food as a profession, or you just want to make amazing meals for your family, following the advice of the pros can help. Here are some of the most famous chefs around, and the knives they use and recommend.

Gordon Ramsay

Chopping, paring, bread, and boning are the four kinds of knives Ramsay recommends, as these are the main functions you'll need to perform with knives as you prepare food. Even if you can use one kind of knife for another task, that doesn't mean you should. The right tools make things easier. Ramsay likes Henckels knives. This is a German brand known for their toughness and bulky blades.

Bobby Flay

The Shun Classic Western Chef’s Knife, handcrafted in Japan, is Bobby Flay's recommendation for the best chef's knife. He's talked about the Shun brand many times, and says he uses this particular knife for most everything. Unlike Ramsay, who recommends knives for different functions, Flay likes the multitasking abilities of his Shun chef's knife.

Ree Drummond

Drummond, who most people know as "The Pioneer Woman," prefers the Wüsthof Classic Hollow Edge Nakiri Knife. She sings its praises every chance she gets, and insists that this cleaver-style knife is the best one for her to use in the kitchen. It's not a traditional chef's knife, but it can dice, chop, and slice with the best of them. It offers good control, and is excellent for beginners and professionals alike.

Ina Garten

Garten, like Drummond, is also a fan of the Wüsthof brand, choosing the company's Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife as her favorite. She loves the brand, and that knife in particular, because of durability and ease of use. It doesn't stain or rust, and it's designed to handle butternut squash, watermelon, and other stout foods with plenty of power and precision for anyone who uses it.

Choose the Knife That Works for You

No matter which chef is your favorite or which knife they recommend, using the knife that works for you is the right choice. There are many options, and the knife you choose should feel right in your hand and meet your needs.

We are able to accommodate all brands. Whether your knives are fancy or inexpensive, ALL knives will benefit from professional care. Get started today!

Until next time, 

Knifey Wifey

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