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Who Are These People?

Who Are These People?

Kyle (Mr. Knifey) was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri but has been a happy Oregonian since the mid 90’s. He has spent over 30 years in the restaurant business, filling bellies, consulting restaurants and caring for knives. He is incredibly skilled in all things kitchen related and incredibly funny.

Jess (Knifey Wifey), a multigenerational Oregonian has spent most of her adult life split between the restaurant business and the two rad kids she shares with Mr. Knifey. She is the CEO of customer service and snack making.

Jess and Kyle met while working in food service in the early 2000’s. They fell hard and fast and before they knew it they were married, moved to Jess’ hometown and running their own restaurant. They adored their place and their wonderful customers for almost five years until they realized that owning and running it the way they wanted was tricky with two kids under two. After selling the business Kyle continued consulting for other restaurants and caring for kitchen tools, but they really missed working together.

While cooking for his family on vacation, Kyle noticed how dull all the knives were in their rental. He looked around the neighborhood and realized there was a pretty good chance all the homes had dull knives. And Knife Flight was born. A simple approach to reclaiming ease and joy in the kitchen.

Jess and Kyle see and touch every item that comes through their shop. They love their family, striving to make every customer happy and working together.

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