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Gift Guide ~ Mother's Day 2024

Gift Guide ~ Mother's Day 2024

Listen up children and partners - Mother's Day is just around the corner.

While I don't think you need to spend a bunch of money to show your love, I'm guessing your mom would appreciate a treat that day. Some of my favorite Mother's Day gifts are handmade items scattered about our house. They were made by tiny hands and they bring me joy every time I see them. Especially now that those hands are large and teenagery. 

If you do feel like spoiling the special mom in your life, however, and you're not feeling particularly crafty, I've got a few ideas that are certain to be winners.

  • Let's Eat - I know we all have cookbooks but this is not just a cookbook. This is comfort on a page. I'm obsessed with Dan's Instagram and want to eat everything he makes. Not only will mom love these recipes, you will have the pleasure of enjoying the absolute deliciousness that results. Winner, winner not boring dinner.

  • Lodge Cast Iron Covered Deep Skillet -  I'm just going to say it...a kitchen without a cast iron skillet is a sad kitchen. Cast iron heats evenly, holds that heat well, has a natural nonstick surface and is affordable. I like this Lodge version because it's a little deeper. Pro tip: get the lid. 

  • Misen 5.5" Utility Knife - Our years in the sharpening business have taught us that the most predominant knives in any kitchen are a chef's knife and a paring knife. A close third is the utility knife. With the guts of a chef's knife and the precision of a paring knife, it's perfect for lots of jobs. Plus the bright red handle will liven up any cutting task. 

  • Professional Knife Sharpening - Are you sensing a theme yet? Yes, all these ideas revolve around the kitchen. If most mothers are like me, they spend a huge amount of their lives planning, preparing or cleaning up after meals, so why not make it a little more enjoyable for them. Do you know what is NOT enjoyable? Trying to prepare a bajillion meals with a dull knife. A sharp knife is safer, quicker and so. much. better. to. use. Clearly I'm partial to Knife Flight but I guarantee you will be too. With free shipping, delivery to your door and loaner knives while you wait, you can't go wrong. I promise it will make mom happy and our hundreds of 5-star reviews have my back on that. 

  • Great Jones Casserole Dish - Call me old fashioned, but I love a casserole. It's basically always a family hit and I can clean the kitchen while it's baking so the post dinner hours are chill. This dish is heavy duty, can handle a deep lasagna and is so pretty to look at. Pro tip repeat: get the lid.

  • Graza Olive Oil Set - Don't waste your money on subpar olive oil. Period. Graza is single varietal, Non-GMO, delicious and worth every penny. With the Drizzle & Sizzle set, all of your bases are covered. 

No matter which route you go on Mother's Day just be sure to tell her you love her. 

Until next time,

Knifey Wifey 


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