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Knife Safety in the Kitchen: Tips to Avoid Accidents

Knife Safety in the Kitchen: Tips to Avoid Accidents

Knives are extremely useful in the kitchen, but they can also be dangerous and potentially put you at risk. Fortunately, there are some important tips to consider when you want to avoid accidents and reduce your chances of injury. Here are a few things to consider.

Keep Your Knives Sharp
It may seem like sharp knives would increase your risk, but that's actually not the case. The sharper the knives, the more easily they'll cut, chop, slice, and dice for you. That means you don't have to hack at the food you're trying to cut, or press harder than necessary to get the knife through a vegetable or piece of meat.

Take Your Time When Cutting
Even if you really want to get dinner started, it's not a race. Being in a rush can increase the risk of injury, so it's important to slow down. Make your cuts confidently and precisely, and go slow enough to feel comfortable. That's even more important if you're using a new knife that you're not familiar with yet.

Don't Try to Catch a Dropped Knife
When you drop something, it's a reflex to try and grab it. While that's understandable, it can also lead to a bad cut. Resist the urge to grab or reach for any knife that slips out of your grasp. You can always wash it or use a different one if it hits the floor.

Transfer Knives to Others Carefully
Rather than hand a knife to someone else, lay it down and let them pick it up from the work surface. That way you aren't handing them anything blade-first, and you aren't holding the blade to provide them with the handle. It's much safer to put the knife down, so they can collect it.

Along with these important tips, remember to always carry knives pointed downward with the blade facing behind you, and to avoid putting sharp knives into a sink full of water. You don't want to accidentally grab the blade when you're doing dishes. It's impossible to completely avoid risks when using knives, but you can greatly reduce them with the right care.

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Until next time,

Knifey Wifey

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