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The Knifey Lifey

How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Knife

Choosing a kitchen knife doesn't have to be difficult, but it is important. That's especially true if you use it a lo...

What is Scleroderma?

Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that is often undiagnosed for years. It is also classified as a rheumatic and co...

How Long Does Knife Sharpening Last?

Some people sharpen their knives at home, but if you really want a knife to stay in good shape for as long as possibl...

What Is the Difference Between Knife Sharpening and Honing?

You're probably familiar with knife sharpening, but you may have also heard the term knife honing. Both are designed ...

3 Signs Your Knife Needs Sharpening

If you cook frequently you probably understand the value and convenience that comes with having a sharp knife or two ...

Why Bother with Professional Knife Sharpening?

Many people sharpen their knives at home, but there's real value in having a professional handle that job for you. Wh...

Culinary Knives 101

What's the best knife for the job?

What Is The Rockwell Test?

Are you familiar with scale used to measure the hardness of a material...

Saveur's Picks For Best Knife Sharpening Services

An unbiased article about nationwide knife sharpening service options.

Leite's Loves...Us

A wonderful and comprehensive review from one of our favorites...

Why Honing Is Important

Protecting your knife edge from unnecessary damage...
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