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Smoked Meats: Desired Results Based On Wood Types

Although the type of wood used for smoking meat is commonly based upon regional availability, most pitmasters agree t...

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Cook

Some people are kitchen dwellers because they love to cook and others prepare out of necessity. As the mom of two tee...

Important Knife Safety Skills

Safety first, friends. Here are a few basic knife safety skills as a reminder: Use a sharp knife: A dull knife req...

Culinary Knives 101

What's the best knife for the job?

What Is The Rockwell Test?

Are you familiar with scale used to measure the hardness of a material...

Saveur's Picks For Best Knife Sharpening Services

An unbiased article about nationwide knife sharpening service options.

Why Honing Is Important

Protecting your knife edge from unnecessary damage...

Holiday BOGO Gift Cards - 2021

Don't miss out on this screaming deal. I mean, it's yelling at the top of its lungs for all to hear. BOGO!!

How It Works...

How does it work? I'll give you a one word hint...EASY!

Simple Knife Maintenance

What should I be doing to care for my knives in between sharpenings?

Launching A Business During The Weirdest Year Ever

A global pandemic and sharp knives...yes, there is a correlation.
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